What is the Community Template?


In recent years, communities have gained tremendous in importance and can now be found in various areas of the Internet. Therefore, for a success-oriented company it is necessary to differentiate itself from given standards through individuality in quality, functionality and design.

The product

In order to operate flexibly on the market, the company Hamecher Websolutions - Hamecher & Hamecher GbR (www.hamecher.biz) has developed a highly qualified plugin system (a plugin is similar to a brick), which enables us to create tailor-made communties or web applications with login areas for our customers.

The software Community Template was tested on the performance in the community application by independent specialists and has performed brilliantly.

The single plugins can be composed and extended as required according to the customer wish. If the existing plugins do not fully meet the needs of the customer, there is after careful consideration of course the possibility to develop a new matching plugin.

Currently, about 250 plugins have been developed for a variety of projects, which greatly facilitates the development of future modules.

If you are interested in our product please contact us.