and range of functions

Basic system

The Community Template is standardly equipped with the following:

A public area for information about the community, a login area and an administration page for user management.

There is a registration form where the users can register, then the users can activate their access by themselves or e.g. in staff areas an administrator activates the users manually.

Within the login area every user can lodge his personal data and upload an image of himself or herself. Further he or she can subscribe to a newsletter or change his/her password.


For the expansion of the basic system there is a considerable number of plugins, with which the standard functionality can be extended.

To these belong for example:

1. Guestbook plugin (users can write entries)
2. Blog plugin respectively news plugin (The administrator or for example the employer writes news to the employees)
3. Galleries plugin (Picture galleries with different functions at disposal)
4. Message plugin (Users can write messages among themselves)
5. Circular letter plugin (Administrator writes messages to the users of the system)
6. Newsletter plugin (Administrator sends emails to the email addresses which are deposited with the users)

and many others more.

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